Friday, May 9

My new shiny surfboard

This is the first post I have ever made on my new, shiny surf board. That is right readers of mine, Ben, the died in the wool, professionally trained, Windows fan, purchased a Macintosh and is using it to write this blog right now. This new Macbook Pro is going to serve as a my Vista machine as well. (I think the only thing I am really missing here since the last time I seriously used a Mac is Hypercard... I can't seem to find it on anywhere.)

Tonight I went to a Mariner's game with my in-laws and a friend. The Mariners, surprisingly enough, lost. (Not really a surprise, I seem to be bad luck.) We were seated right behind the camera pit so I was a touch more interested in how the guys were shooting digital shots and HD video. (They'd take a bunch of shots and dump them onto their laptops)

It was a good evening overall! Lisa was hanging out at a friends birthday party so I didn't feel so bad about going to a baseball game without her.

I think I mentioned this earlier but we are throwing a "Ben's Free from Cancer" celebration at the end of the month and if you haven't gotten an invite and would like one, please send me an email. Now I am tired. I thank you for your continued prayers for healing and recovery.



  1. Anonymous7:24 AM

    I almost didn't believe that you bought a Mac when I first read it!

    Have fun at the party! Best wishes from Wisconsin.

  2. Oh come on, you can't tell me you haven't played with photobooth or whatever that program is where you can distort the pictures yet... for serious, Ben. You don't know how to use a Mac until you've played with that program....

  3. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Yeah, no, seriously. I never played around with that stuff. Hypercard was like the last thing...


  4. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I googled hypercard, interesting info but shows that you havn't looked at a mac recently.

    GREAT concert last night. Too bad I forgot the vacumme.


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