Tuesday, June 10

Take Your Bird to Work Day

Ben deemed that I, Lisa, had a blog-worthy experience today: A week ago, Ben mentioned that he thought Niko would behave decently in my office situation. Since I get my thrills from trying new things and once I get a hold of an idea I like I stubbornly persist until I carry it out, Niko came to work.

We thought he would be quiet. At least my co-workers thought his noises were cute, although keeping my eye on him to make sure he didn't launch into a bout of shrieking (Ben calls it the "Niko error noise") lowered my productivity for the day. I think the highlight was in the middle of a meeting. Eight guests were seated around the conference room with my boss. (Our office has an open format, which offers me the pleasure of eavesdropping on meetings and phone conversations (you can learn a lot that way!)). When Niko let out a trill it fortunately reminded one man of the bird in the opening song for the Flintstones who yells out at the end of the work day. I was so relieved that for the next minute the folks in the meeting made comments like "Wilma!" and "I want a bronto burger!" rather than getting annoyed with me. Still, it was my most embarrassing moment in some time! I don't think I would have brought Niko to work if I'd known we'd be having a meeting today...

Niko also talked to my co-workers while they held him. (This is fairly unusual.) Niko's main motivation to speak seems to be either to entertain himself when he is alone, or to get attention when he is being left alone. Today he was mimicking one of my boss' laughter, repeatedly saying "hello!" and whistling and clicking. I'll put this abberent response down to his joy at being the Belle of the Ball... er, office.

I think the others would like me to bring him back. Some people actually said this; others offered to take him home, or compared him favorably to other birds or to their hyperactive dogs. But while I love my Beak-o, he was just too high maintenance. Maybe if he hadn't splashed water all over one side of the desk I'd consider it, or if he had taken a nap for just part of the day. For now though he's going to stay home :)



  1. Yeah...I wondered how that would turn out when Ben said you'd taken him along...It brings back memories of his days here at church when I tried to act like I wasn't "related" to him!

  2. I am laughing Lisa!! What an experience. I know having pets around changes the atmosphere a little bit and I'm sure people welcomed the change. Cubicle jobs can get a bit mundane. Kudos to you to try something new (glad your boss was up for it).


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