Thursday, June 12

Work'n man

I hope you all enjoyed the guest writer on the site! I don't know that we have heard from her this year. The past two days have been busy! Yesterday I put in over 9 hours at Taproot, and this morning at NSB it was really busy. It's been fun to get back into "busy" IT work.

Speaking of IT, the next 3 weeks my boss at NSB, Erik, will be gone. He's going on a missions trip to Darfur. You know, the one in Africa. The one that movie stars always have fund raisers for to "raise awareness of the genocide". Anyway, he's going with a group called World Relief and he is going to be setting up a network over there and fixing computers. You can actually follow his journey at

Please join me in praying that God will use him to be an impact over there and over here as well as he travels!



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