Saturday, June 14

Weekend Hours

This morning Lisa and I headed to the farmer's market in search of some sort of berry (straw, black, rasp, or otherwise) for a sorbet I am working on. Due to the lack of sun, however, finding any sort of berry at this point was impossible. (Potato and Onion Sorbet? Topped with bacon bits? While curious to how that would turn out I am going to say no this time around.)

Then we headed over to the library where I had an interesting encounter with a man who, eventually, ended up asking for food and money. Probably the first time someone has ever tried to strike up a conversation with me and after 20 to 30 minutes turned it into a sales pitch. I always feel strange about people asking me for money or food. I mean we live in a fairly well off area and I'm never sure if the "homeless" people in the area around me are simply in the area because we are good "marks" or why exactly. I ended up suppling the man with some food and being as money is so flexible I declined on the cash. I guess, like all things, it is in God's hands. If he was needy, great, if he was using me to somehow get money for drugs or something well I hope God will somehow convict him. All I am called to do is to be a "tool" and let God wield me as He will.

Of course remembering and being open to being used as a Tool is the real struggle.

I'll let you all know how the sorbet ends up...



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