Monday, June 16

A berry brownie sorbet

Saturday I spent a good chunk of the day creating a strawberry sorbet with brownie chunks in it. The first thing I had to do was slice up the strawberries, then I added a little lemon/lime juice (we ran out of lemon half way), then I food processed the whole thing and then strained it through a fire wire mesh. (Which was tricky as the juice was pretty thick and the seeds tended to block the holes.) Following that I merged the berry juice with some simple syrup and let them sit for about an hour. (in the fridge) Then it was in the ice cream machine for some good old fashioned chilled spinning, added in the brownie chunks and then threw it in the freezer.

While it was a lot of hard work it was probably the most "real" strawberry taste I have ever encountered in frozen confection. (And the chocolate chunks in there probably didn't hurt it at all...)

I had to get my strawberries from the store because it's been so cold and cloudy here in the Seattle area. I was told that the berries are 3 weeks behind schedule because of the weather. Thus this turned out to be a "cali-berry" sorbet.



  1. yay. it was tasty.

  2. shameless plug:


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