Thursday, June 19

Is this "real life"?

This week has already been a little crazy for me. (Hence the lack of posting) As I mentioned before, my boss (shameless plug) at NSB is gone for a couple of weeks in Africa. Thus I must effectively cover some 100 plus people in two locations and around 10 servers. It's been keeping me busy. At this point (3.5 days in) nothing has broken yet so I haven't had to go into "scramble mode" but still, a lot of questions and coverage. Right now I am on track to work more than 40 hours this week, which will be the first time in a year and a half that I have worked a full 40 hours.

At this point I am pretty tired. I just got some lunch in me though and I am feeling a lot more energetic.


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  1. I see Ron Fast daily living in the same situation.

    I'm sure you see how very valuable you are to Erik!


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