Friday, June 20


There is a study that talks about how many words a guy typically says in one day and how many words a lady will use in the course of her day. As a solo IT guy (working by myself all day long) my "word quota" barely gets touched. (Email, blogging, and writing do not enter into this quota at all for me.)

I joined Erik at NSB partially because he is a good friend and I knew working with him would be a lot of fun, and I would get a chance to talk tech with someone else during the day.

While this "quota" of words might not be noticeable to anyone else I encounter I think Lisa can probably tell. The days I fly solo and don't talk to many people makes me chatty when we get home in the evenings. The days I spend talking to people all day long I don't mind going home and not saying a whole lot.

I think if I ever go job hunting again (and unless the Lord chooses to take me home sooner rather than later) I will pay just as much attention to the people at the job as much as I do on the job itself. I think I might just ask about meeting the people I will be working with and asking about their interests and hobbies. No sense in working at some place where I am holed up in a cave with no one to talk to all day.

I want a job where I can burn through a good 3/4ths of my word-quota for the day and have enough left over to chat with Lisa at night.



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