Sunday, June 22

Back to manning the helm

Tomorrow it's back to the helm of the IT department(s) I am in charge of. In some ways this has been a rough weekend, but in other ways its been nice and relaxing.

First off after completing a 41.5 hour work week (woooo!) Lisa and I went on a date. We had dinner at the Coho cafe and then saw "Get Smart". It was a funny movie (3rd best in my movie lineup so far this season (for the record: Prince Caspian, Iron Man, Get Smart, and Indiana Jones) I'd like to add "The Incredible Hulk" (Dan and Jane are both in the credits!) and "Kung Fu Panda" to the list as well, but "Wall-e" comes out next weekend, so we all know what Ben will be seeing.)) and it was kind of interesting to see Steve Carrell playing a somewhat different character than he normally plays.

Saturday morning Lisa and I got up and went to see a technical dress rehearsal for Taproot's next musical, "Big River". It's starting July 11th so it has some time to get perfect, but already it's looking pretty good. Feel free to book your tickets now. It's going to be a good one!

After the rehearsal we went and looked at a used car*. It was a little more "used" than I wanted to invest in so we passed on the opportunity and came home. Both Lisa and I have felt pretty under the weather (sore) and tired this weekend. I was going to blame it on working as much as I did, but Lisa feels bad as well and she works that typically. (Which I guess doesn't rule it out entirely...) I think we've probably been "bug battling".

We've been trying to blend into the High School group at church a little better. It's hard at this point because a lot of the kids are going on vacation and I feel like I barely see the same people twice. Lisa has jumped right into party organizing and has scheduled a "girls sleep over" for next weekend. Thankfully they won't be sleeping over here.

* Used car: Yes, we are looking for another car. There are times when our commutes mean that we can't be going the same place at the same time, and going back to get the other person is a big time suck and well as a waste of gas. (IE: driving from Bellevue to Bothell to Bellevue to (insert place Lisa needs to go (Renton? Monroe?)) to Bellevue to Bothell to Bellevue. As opposed to: Bellevue to (wherever Lisa need to go) to Bellevue. And Ben: Bellevue to Bothell and back. And if the Eastside had a more robust Metro system (that didn't take me an hour or two to get from Bellevue to Seattle or Bothell) I would most likely do that route, however this isn't the case and so it appears there is another car in our future.

I thank you as well for those of you that continue to pray for Lisa and I am I continue to recover from cancer. I've been trying to make the most with the time I have now and hope that when August and October roll around that I will continue to be cancer free.



  1. Coho's... mmmm that is my family's favourite. restaurant. I miss fresh fish in Wisconsin. They have trout... but where is the salmon? And crab? Sigh.

    You should get a moped. Or a smart car! :)

    Hope you are feeling better this week...

  2. I can't resist this opportunity...

    Bike to work!

    Between Metro buses and a bike, you can get anywhere on the Eastside and Seattle. I promise. Best way to travel ever. Also, even an expensive bike is much cheaper than a car.

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    First Jessie:

    Small and gas saving as it might be, it cost more than our Honda... new.

    Second Katie:
    Thanks for the tip, however you've lived here in Seattle. If it was perfectly flat I might think about it. Add hills and "the weather" and I don't think it would make me very happy to get into work soaking wet and freezing cold.

    However, if Lisa and I are blessed with a chance to move somewhere either closer to where I work (if I was to ever have just ONE job) (and under 5 miles) Then I would consider biking.

    Honestly, I would be ALL over an electric car. Although I would also be happy with one of these: That has to be, hands down, the prettiest car I have ever seen.


  4. Man, Katie, that's something I keep coming back to and rejecting. One reason I don't bike to work is we don't have a shower here :)

    But in fact the days we need two cars Ben will need to be in Greenwood or Bothell, and I'll need to be in Puyallup or Monroe or *fill in another city in outskirts of Greater Seattle Area* (with large rolls of 24x36 drawings in tow).

    The reason I've stopped riding the bus (I used to while living in Seattle) is that it quadruples the Eastside commute time. I could take the bus to work... but it would take more than half of my free time each day. And my free time is already in high demand!

    So *sigh* in a perfect world, bus and bike would make sense. You can see by this rant that this whole situation bothers me...

  5. I'm really curious what you ate at the Coho Cafe? Is there a kind of fish that you like there? I'm always on the lookout for something fishy I might like... (no salmon, no crab, no clams or oysters)

    Also (!!), this is the last week that Chantanee Restaurant is open in its current location. This is the best Thai restaurant anywhere (in my opinion!). They will reopen in September in a bigger, fancier place in B-vue (and probably more expensive). Don't miss out!

  6. Coho is tasty. Their fish (Ahi) Tacos are great. Any Ahi (fancy tuna, not canned) usually is... So should we all go clam digging while we are on the coast?

  7. Anonymous9:03 AM

    We could have a good old fashion CLAM BAKE! Wooo-wee! Or maybe a goey-duck feast. Thems some good "arm-of-the-sea" eat'n there.

    But seriously, Coho cafe (in Redmond) is pretty much like a localized Red Robin or Chillies. It's got a little more fish on the menu, but finding non-fish items isn't an issue. I had a Salad and a Chicken Casadia. Both good.


  8. I had pasta with all sorts of seafood in it at the Coho Cafe! Delicious!

    Oh, and Ben means "chicken quesadilla"... he anglisized the spelling :)


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