Monday, June 23

Further proof

Readers to my site will notice that I enjoy writing. It is my attempt at art. My main outlet has been here on my blog, but I write in other places as well. Plus I have many, many ideas for stories knocking around in my head I need to get out as well. My artistic side shines when it comes to coming up with ideas and writing them down. A keyboard and/or a piece of paper and pen are my friends. Occasionally , as seen recently here on the site, I will attempt something along the same lines as writing, only in a more... graphical format. I would love to have the ability to draw well so I could translate some of what I see in my head onto paper and make it come alive with text. Time seems to be the thing that keeps me from doing this though. I would probably learn best if I took a class, invested money, in learning how to draw. For the time being I must simply rely on others for the visuals. Case in point: My sister. She created the lovely picture you see here on the right. I was going to link to her Facebook pictures... but only her friends would be able to view it.

As further proof I have remarkable siblings; here is a picture my brother took the other day. Amazing. The condo is rapidly filling up with sibling artwork. If we don't move into a new place in the next 5 years odds are good that we will become a Morrell art gallery. (Open Tuesday through Saturday and closed every 3rd Thursday for no reason what-so-ever) While my brother is really good with a camera he is also talented in the musical field. (He teaches Jr. High band in Tacoma) I remember growing up if I would get something like a guitar or a mandolin for Christmas or my birthday (stone's throw from one another anyway) and he'd be all over it and playing something on it before I had even figured out which end was up. Good times.

Of course now I'm the one they run to when they have computer problems. Good thing one of us is technical. (I get that from my Dad. The drawing that Beth does I think comes from my Mom and the photography comes from my Dad. Musical stuff comes from my Mom as well.) All of us Morrell's have a fairly keen sense of humor, which comes from melding both parents together.

This post if brought to you by looking at my siblings artwork.



  1. Yay for family. Thanks for the post Ben! I always enjoy your writing.

  2. Don't let Ben fool you, gentle reader! Ben is equally artistic in his own right. He designed Lisa's wedding ring, as well as the logo for their wedding invitations. And, if you want to be entertained, just hand the man a puppet. I still think Max is real...

    Yup. We are an artistic lot...

  3. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Ahh, shucks...

    I can sing too...



    Thanks for the plug Ben!! You know what would be even better? If I had a website, say,, where I could point my fans to for easy access to my portfolio and such....that's such a great idea.... :P

    ps: Adam, can you email me those pictures of my pieces you took?


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