Friday, July 25

3 Years of Marriage: Anniversary Celebration Day

Today Lisa and I were able to celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. We had plans to do it last weekend, but then we had to cancel them to go to California for Lisa's grandfather's memorial service, and then I ended up in the hospital for 4 days. So we really haven't had time to celebrate since the 16th.

The first thing we did this morning was to go to the Woodland Park Zoo. We had a good time walking around and seeing creatures that normally aren't seen in these parts. (We continue to marvel as well how much birds act like birds no matter if they are parrots, owls, or raptors)

Following the Zoo we went to the Bush School, where we say a presentation of "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)". We ended up seeing that because I had heard it was funny, and because a co-worker of mine at TTC, has a husband who directed it. (And it was Free... which is great.) It was a fun performance, and we enjoyed ourselves.

For dinner tonight we went to "Cascadia" which is a fine eating establishment in Bell Town. (Which is a part of Downtown Seattle.) They are famous for their "mini burgers" which are 2oz burgers made of hanger steak. Add some garlic fries to that order and a "coconut-chocolate lava cake" and it completes a GREAT day together.

Since getting home we've been packing for Seaside. Cheryl (Lisa's sister) will be living at the condo during our away time to look after the bird. (And she can experience the cool-ness that is living in an 800sqft condo in Bellevue, on the edge of Redmond. Not many people get that experience... so you gotta take it while you got it.)

I would like to thank all of you for your continued prayers for my health. I am interested to see how things "settle-down" after August and what life will look like. I'm continuing to seek guidance on that and being open to what God has for me and what He wants me to be doing and how I am to be using the skills he has given me.

(Hopefully I can actually complete this vacation without coming home early for some sort of medical reason!)


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