Thursday, July 10

Island Time

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Last year I missed out on the family gathering on San Juan Island. This year however I did not. For those of you that don't know the bulk of my extended family lives in Southern California. Every year my Dad's side of the family takes the time to trek up here to Washington and hang out for a couple of weeks. At least a week being on one of the islands. (It used to be Orcas Island, but the spot we used to go to got too loud) These past few years it has been on San Juan Island. As you can see from the map San Juan Island is pretty far North. As in we looked south to see Victoria, BC... as in Canada.

San Juan is a great place to relax. There are some things to do, hikes to take, a few sites to see, etc, but honestly there isn't THAT much to do. It almost forces you to stop and then slow down and enjoy the environment around you. Case in point, sitting on the deck of the rental house waiting for the Orca Whales to swim by and watching the sun set. Following that lighting a fire in the firepit and sit around that just chatting and watching stuff burn. And repeat. Very nice, very slow. Nothing much really "needs" to get done. And even that stuff takes it time getting done.

I am going to boil down some of my experiences on the island in a next couple of entries. Please bear with me as I get them out!


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