Saturday, July 12

Chicken and Rathbone

From Lisa's Laptop:

It's so good to be on the other side of these last few days! I feel like something of a whimp for being completely exhausted last night.

I mean, consider my friends. There's Matt, who worked 60 hour weeks at Boeing routinely. It's true he's cut back recently, but that's only because he's taking online business and seminary courses now. Then there's Raeleen, who works 16-hour days on a regular basis in the busy summer months as a wedding photographer.

I could go on about Heather, Justin, Ryan, Katie's cannery job and actually, my own father bring work home every night for years on end... and these are just the people I know! There are migrant workers doing field work seven days a week, single mothers with two waitressing jobs, etc.

So, this was a 50-hour work week for me, which combined with some chores, a breakfast, coffee date and lunch out (in that order) and two terrible night's sleep probably due to worrying about the deadlines I was trying to meet, did me in.

But praise God that yesterday was Friday, and I could buy a $5 cooked chicken from Safeway and lay on the couch watching Basil Rathbone (film restored), take two Excedrin PMs and retire at the luxurious hour of 7:30pm.

Ben comes back tonight! I've only had 5 minutes conversation with him since he's left; the place he's staying doesn't get a cell phone signal. It's strange not talking with him. Even when we were dating and could only see each other a couple times a week we talked almost everyday. So I look forward to the dinner out we planned for tomorrow night before he takes off again.

In the meantime, I'm going to see if I'm up to doing some yard work with the high school mission team this morning. Maybe I'll work a bit more to smooth the road for next week's deadline.

As for you, Ben mentioned that he's been writing while on the island so I'm sure he'll have plenty to upload once he gets back. Stay tuned!


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