Tuesday, July 15

The Ronald McDonald house is not red and yellow

Man, I wrote a long post and lost it all. This is Lisa, by the way. I'm sitting out on the porch with Niko perched on the hanging flower pot holder (empty of flower pots).

Anyway, mostly I wrote about the great and encouraging weekend just past, and having dinner with Ben's extended family and many dogs tonight, and my sisters spending the night last night (they're always fun and often reviving to me).

Saturday morning does stand out still. Between not double-checking my facts and some mental free association, I ended up at Lillian Health's house instead of Joyce Smith's (both amazing little ol' ladies of God at our church). Lillian was rather confused to see me, but she readily invited me in for what turned out to be a wonderful conversation, catching up on mutual acquaintences (all the ladies at church say "I love your mom, Lisa!") and she even explained her prayer and Bible study habits - very valuable from such a prayer warrior as she.

So, that was a happy mistake on my part. Afterwards, I caught up with the high school group who was doing yard work, and we headed off to the Ronald McDonald house. That was awesome, both to find out about the purpose of the house (to house and help families in town for treatment at children's hospital) and to chat with some of the girls as we cleaned. I'm surprised about how well we click, how much we like each other! Aren't high schoolers supposed to be difficult? And Ben and I have the privilege, Lord willing, of seeing this group from their freshman year all the way until they graduate.

I think I captured the meat of my previous post. Ben and I had a lot to catch up on after his last trip, and I look forward to seeing him again after he gets back tomorrow. Then on Saturday we go to San Jose for my grandfather's memorial service, and a week after that we head down to Seaside, Oregon! Ah, vacation. Now, back to work for me so I can meet Friday's deadline...


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