Monday, July 21

So what happened was...

Wednesday morning coming back from the peninsula with Ryan my stomach really hurt and I spent the drive back in the car reclined and not feeling so great. When I got home I laid down for a handful of hours and the pain eventually went away.

Thursday was pretty normal and everything was going just fine, I staid up a little late with Lisa as she was working and around 10pm my stomach started to hurt again, and then by 12:00 it was REALLY hurting. Like second most painful thing I have ever felt type pain. (Shingles, I am thinking will always be number one) Anyway, if it's enough pain to make me cry out odds are good it's at least an 8 on the pain scale.

Lisa called the nurse care line and they said we should go to the ER. We went to the ER and hung out there until about 6am when they decided they had a room for me in the Hospital. Friday is almost a complete wash as I had been awake since Thursday morning, I was on painkillers and they were trying to keep my awake by asking me questions and asking about tests, etc. I don't remember Friday.

They ended up doing a CT scan and a lot of blood work. Good news, still no signs of tumors in the old "abdominal region". Praise God. They determined that it is either an ulcer (no signs of H. Pilori in the bloodwork though) or a Gastro-intestinal virus. After a couple days of watching me, an being on a "clean liquid diet", I am doing well and looking forward to this week.

I'm going to take it easy today and get back into the grindstone tomorrow. 4 days at the hospital can be tiring!

Thanks for all the prayers and putting up with a lack of news. I did a LOT of sleeping Friday through Sunday morning.



  1. You didn't mention that you are home now, for which we rejoice! Just think--you can sleep without someone coming in to poke or prod you every 5 minutes.

    I'm hoping this little adventure will keep you away from the CT machine for another 6 months (at least).

  2. Praise God for miracles! We're so happy you're back to your normal "Ben" self. Try to stay away from the hospital for a while, huh?

  3. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Wow, I'm so glad to hear you are better and home. Praise Jesus!

  4. "clean" liquid or "clear" liquid. ;) i think it's the latter of the two, but i hope the clear liquid is also clean. either way, i don't envy you and am glad you are back on your feet.


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