Saturday, July 5

Where does the time go?

Lisa: "You haven't updated your blog since Tuesday."
Ben: "No, really? Maybe you internet browser is caching the page Hit refresh."
Lisa: "Nope."
Ben: "Hmmmm, twitter must be keeping the commentors at bay..."

My dear reading public. I am sorry I haven't updated. Between my face hurting most of last week and doing a lot of work combined with a short week I have been thrown off a bit. (What day is it?)

Happy 4th of July! Errr... yesterday. A happy 203rd anniversary of the US's 29th birthday! To celebrate yesterday I woke up, did some stuff around the house, and when Lisa woke up 3 hours later we made fruit salad and headed off to our first BBQ. We were there until about 6pm and then we moved to the second one and we got home about 1:30am. Being as we left our house at 12:30 that means we BBQ'ed/ 4th of July partied for 13 hours. It's nice to be able to go out and about. I remember last year we were halfway hoping I would be in the Hospital over the holiday so that we could watch the fireworks from my room overlooking lake union. That didn't happen and I figure we probably spent the day at home, me on the couch. I guess I could always look back at the archives, but I am still trying to work through that mentally.

Today we're taking it easy about the house. I am letting Lisa work on some things for her internship but doing things that need doing around the house. (Laundry, dishes, bathroom cleaning, etc) I figure she did a lot of that stuff on her own last year, I might as well take some of the work off of her so she can do some "professional development".

Medically: I'm doing well. Muscles REALLY need some work. I played Wii baseball yesterday and my arm is pretty sore today. I'm still hovering around 140 weight wise. I'm trying to eat healthier and push myself a little harder and get stronger everyday. Thank you for the continued prayers in that area. I covet your prayers as I continue this summer.

Ok, I think I need to go clean something now. (Oh, the picture is of Niko "helping" me make fruit salad. (Hint: He's not REALLY helping.))



  1. Should I be alarmed that the bird is practically sitting on a burner on your stove? A wee bit disturbing... :)

  2. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Chloe helps the same way.

  3. Well...not completely the same way... (yew...)

  4. Anonymous4:27 PM

    sorry 2 hear about Lisa's grandfather's passing, i had grandparents but we were long distance, whether close or far away it is a bit hard.

    and the bird on the stove, the burner didn't look lit, so it's all good. good to hear you had a good day. :)


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