Sunday, August 3

A delay

Since Thursday the internet we had been tapping into decided to go away and thus the family was left to fend for ourselves without the internet for the past 3 days or so. Today my health has been up and down and combined with post-vacation business I haven't had time to post.

I hope, dear readers, that this entry finds you well. Having taken almost a week off from writing here to spend a little more time with my family in Seaside, Oregon instead. (A big thanks to the Fergusons for letting us stay at their place.)

It was really a very nice vacation, my family didn't go on very many vacations together when I was growing up, I think mainly because my father was working so hard to provide for all of us. (Which I thank him for mightily and do not count "lack of family vacations" as a minus on his record at all.) Anyway, as the Morrell children have grown up (and 2/3rds of us married now) it is nice to get to spend some more solid together family time. Without the "He's looking out my window", "Ow _____ (insert brother's name) pinched me", or the "are we there-yet"s that come from travel with (and as) children. (Aside: All the Morrell Children came in separate vehicles so no one had to worry about "_______ (insert brothers name) won't let me drive!")

I'm sure as I settle in in the next few evenings I will detail more about not just this trip but the 2 previous ones I took as well.

Tomorrow starts what I hope will be a long an uninterrupted chain of a regular work schedule!

I thank you all for your continued prayers for my health, I have a doctor's appointment next Monday.

Thank you!



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