Wednesday, August 6

Not always as planned...

By now it should seem fairly obvious that things do not always go as planned. Take tonight for example: We were told that the youth group was meeting at Crossroads Mall to hang out and have dinner at the food court. So, like 5 girls showed up, and no guys. (Plus 3 other staff) It wasn't what I expected. I don't particularly feel that high school girls are my "calling" and I feel that Lisa handles that area just about 100% better than I do. I ate dinner in relative silence, as almost any situation where there are more girls than myself, and hung out a bit listening to the conversation. I was pretty tired from an already busy day and so that also contributed to my lack of vocalization.

After a bit of that I went over to Half-price books and poked around for a bit. Then Lisa came over and said that one of the girls she was hanging out with had a mother who has cancer and wanted to meet me.

It was interesting talking to her for a bit, and I really feel like God can use me through conversations like that, even if it's just to be a completely sympathetic listening ear, but it was probably the hardest thing I have done this week. Talking, remembering, and chatting about Cancer isn't something I feel like I am overly prepared for at this point. Lisa said I did a good job, but it was taking a LOT of effort to keep the screaming voice in my head from coming out of my mouth. You can pray for that. Physical healing from cancer, and spiritual and mental healing as well. The physical part is going well, I just need to work on the mental part now.

Also I could use some prayer in regards to jobs I have currently, and jobs I could have in the future. There are a couple options that have presented themselves in the past few weeks and Lisa and I need to pray about them and see what God has for us.

Thanks for the support!


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  1. The verse that I cling to for you has a line that says, "I will not die, but live, and tell the works of the Lord..." That last part about telling the works of the Lord is what I pray for most for you now. May He free your heart, your mind, and your mouth to speak of His great kindness to you and Lisa.



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