Friday, August 22

The Raspberry ones come with frosting!

or... They gave me 100 Grand... and I ate it.

Too much title for too little a space.

First off, a little linky love action for my brother. He has been working his camera magic all summer and has produced some great pictures of our family trip to Seaside as well as their quick trip to Europe. The website is setup to sell pictures so if you happen to see something that you can't live without please feel free to support his habbit hobby.

I went to the bank today and it turned out that it was customer appreciation day. (who knew?) So by way of trying to keep me as a customer they gave me 100 Grand. Granted it was a chocolate bar and they just looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if I could deposit it, but I thought it was worth the try.

I have been enjoying iced soy chai drinks as of late. (Or should I say latte?) And this morning as I swung by the local brewery (The "Green Bean" (it's a non-profit coffee place!)) the croissants caught my eye and I decided to get one. Then I was offered a "plain one" or a "Raspberry one". I went with the fruit (assuming it was healthier) and much to my surprise found that the "Raspberry One" had the additional bonus of being drizzled with frosting. I don't think I have had a Raspberry croissant since I was in Slovakia. (No frosting there though)

Rumor has it that this weekend will be pretty nice. (in the "sun" sense of nice, not the "hard rain pouring down" sense of nice.)

I think Lisa and I have some plans in store that involve a farmer's market, (the best time of the year to go is now!) a play with friends, blueberry picking, and a birthday party.

I think I had a bit of a bug this week. It was just enough to make me feel nasty most days and evenings, but seems to have been defeated by my puny immune system. Thanks for the continued prayers for health and life! I'll be sure to hit you all up with more details when I know more.



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