Sunday, August 24

The Weekend Update

You know what is better than being a fan of a band and knowing every song they have ever done by heart? Being a partial fan and really enjoying their music and suddenly "finding" a new song. (RE: Jars of Clay "Dig" on the "Furthermore" CD (How did I miss that?))

This weekend update's musical choice is the top 10 "Jars of Clay" songs as per Rhapsody.

Saturday was a great day and the weather was really nice. We started out by going to the farmer's market and picking up some fresh fruit and veggies. (On a sad note, the 1/2 flat of raspberries I had purchased got home and later in the evening discovered that they were probably about 50% moldy. I threw out the bad ones and I juiced the rest and now I have a good 14oz of pure raspberry goodness.) Following the market we swung by the Bellevue Blueberry farm and picked 4 pounds of blueberries, which ended up costing us... 4 bucks. However if last time is any indication it will turn out that the power will go out for 9 days in December.

Following that we went to have lunch with a friend (We got a "hot tip" that a place in Ballard has really good "sliders". (mini-hamburgers)) and then we went to see the 2nd to last performance of "Big River" at Taproot. The place we went for lunch (The Loft) did have pretty great "sliders". They had way more choices on their menu than they had on the website though. I'd go back for seconds. They also had, what I read as "Curly" fries, and later realized, after a more careful reading and a prompting by the waitress, that they were in fact curRy fries. You know, the bright yellow stuff that is synonymous with Indian food? Well, I'm really not a big fan of the stuff, but I got my fingers good and yellow as I ate a good many of these wonderfully seasoned fries*.

The play was really good. We saw the "Technical Dress" rehersal a couple of weeks before the play opened and got a feel for it so we didn't bother to see it until this weekend when we had "nothing else to do". Well, I am sad that I didn't see if sooner so I could encourage more of you to go see it yourself. Another great job by Karen Lund in the directing department, and of course great acting all around. Looking forward to their next one, "Susan and God". I've heard good things... but then I work with all of them.

*My food "adventurousness" has increased exponentially since recovering from cancer treatments. Not wanting food/ not being able to eat has really made me evaluate what I eat. On top of that I am trying to eat "healthier" by consuming more vegetables and less meat. A couple times this past week I haven't even HAD meat at dinner. (I honestly feel better in the mornings when I don't eat meat at night.) Not like I envision myself going vegetarian anytime soon, but I have been eating (and enjoying) pizza that has no meat on it. Crazy... I know. What next? Eating mushrooms? oh wait... I've already done that!

Well, that I think wraps up the weekend update. I am tired and it's raining (YAY) outside. (Not like those two things are any REAL reason I should stop writing...) These next few weeks are bound to be busy...



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