Sunday, September 21


Since getting back from Colorado Springs I have been working (between other things) on my application to OC. I just finished it up. It took me about 7 hours to complete. A large portion of that was that they asked for my testimony. Being as I am rather verbose sometimes it ended up being... rather long. I wrapped it up in 5 pages. Which really kind of makes sense. I don't think they really want a "I was born, became a Christian and here I am!" testimony.

When I started writing it I thought I would post it here on the blog, but I would rather not post a 5 page, 3000+ word document on the front page. As such I will make a page specially for it so that should you feel like reading it, you can.

Thanks again for the support, Lisa and I are working to get the condo cleaned and packed up. (And if the Lord makes clear to us that we aren't supposed to go, then we'll just have a clean condo that needs to be unpacked.)

We covet your prayers as we look forward to moving.



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