Tuesday, September 2

It's been a while...

Yeah, Sorry about that. It was partially intentional and partially something that just kind of happened. I wanted that last post to stay "on top" for longer so that it wasn't missed by any of you "random" drop-ins.

No real further developments on the job front other than learning a bit about their medical insurance. Sounds just as good and/or better than I have now. (A good sign) Lisa and I have booked tickets to go to Colorado Springs on the 13th of September to check everything out. Other than that I would ask that you continue to pray for us as we make this choice and figure out if "The Spring" is where God wants us to spend a part of our lives. It's could all happen pretty quick if we decided to go that route, so while we can do some prep now, it'll really have to wait until we make the choice after the weekend in Colorado.

Thanks for your continued support. I'll let you know how everything is proceeding.

We spent a lovely weekend on Whidbey Island with some friends who were camping. It was kind of funny, the people without kids (us and another couple staying with us) were staying at Lisa's parent's place and all the people with kids were staying at a camp-ground. We cooked a whole meal over the fire (veggies, steak, chicken, dessert) and they called US adventurous! (We got to sleep on beds that night... without children waking us up every few hours. Not what I would consider adventurous.) However cooking over the fire was pretty interesting. I could see trying that again.



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