Wednesday, September 3

Are you in a band?

One of the reasons I picked up a new hat in Seaside was that I was looking for something with a little more "definition" than what I had before. (and wasn't as hot (wool + beating sun = too hot)) The other night Lisa and I were at Safeway and we were both wearing our Fedora type hats and peacoats (Lisa in brown and myself in black) and the guy behind the deli counter was like, "Are you guys in a band?"

No... but that could be fun.

Either that or maybe we should start carrying around guitars when wearing our hats and seeing how much hype we can generate for our "Band" without ever having to record a single note.

We could make a website and then post some quotes about how ground breaking our music is and post some very professional looking shots. Take email addresses for information about when our new CD will be out, etc. I wonder at what point you'd have to pony up and produce something. In thinking about it I just wondered pretty much the whole "Internet Startup" bubble in the Late 90's. How long can you go on hype alone?

Not to build any more hype than is needed around here... so keep praying about Colorado, and we'll let you know when we know what's going on!



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