Thursday, September 4

I typically Install my own Windows...

But when they aren't on the computer I need someone else to do them. (Smart-alec response: Well, why don't you put in Linux instead, it's free...)

I spent the day at home working remotely so I could be here for the Window installers. Pretty crazy how effective they are at their jobs. It would have taken me a very, very long time (3 or 4 times as long maybe longer) if I was following directions to do the same thing. They tore out and put in the new sliding glass door first and woah, that sucker was crazy heavy. They joked about having me help, but when I said I'd help if they paid me they stopped joking. (Which is probably ok because frankly just looking at that glass made me tired.)

Anyway, we have new vinyl windows with a "low-e" coating on them. (Less UV for me and you!) Kind of funny timing with the potential for moving, but sometimes that is the way it all goes. The windows look nice anyways, and we'll enjoy them while we have them and hopefully the next person to get this place will appreciate them as much as we do. ($$$ if you get my meaning...)

I have a bed to move back against the wall now. (We leave for our trip to CO in 8 days!) We appreciate any prayers on the subject. (And honestly we are both open to dialoging about it if you want to talk about it with us.)



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