Sunday, September 7

Knife ta know ya!

Anyone that has read my blog or interacted with me much at all will know that it is almost physically impossible for me to pass up a pun. (Hey, if I don't say it, odds are good I was thinking it.) Thus today's title shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. Now please leave your sharp comments elsewhere, they will be moderated.

For Christmas, or my birthday, this year Lisa gave me 6 credits to a private cooking school in Seattle called, "Bon Vivant". I was a little leery of taking a class at a place I had never been before, so I invited Lisa to come to a class with me. We ended up going to a "Knife Skills" class. (As we seem to spent a lot of our time in the kitchen cutting things.) The class was from 10am to 2:30 on Saturday and we both really enjoyed it.

It was held in someone's house who had a very large and well designed kitchen for things like teaching a class. We listened to a knife lecture for a bit and then then had us get stuff out and actually try cutting things. The nice thing about this was there were only 8 people in the class and so the teacher could afford to come around and personally help everyone improve their knife skills. After we had cut up a bunch of stuff we paired off and started to cook with the stuff we had cut up. Lisa and I made a chicken recipe and I am not 100% certain of this, but I think we made the best dish. Granted we were following the recipe that were given, but I think perhaps us not being afraid to tackle the "meat" dish paid off.

The instructor and the aids, as well as the other students were all really nice people. If any of you, gentle readers, have any interest in learning to cook better I would suggest trying out Bon Vivant. They are great people and you get to eat afterwords. You learn something AND you get food. Didn't get THAT in college. (Unless you went to a cooking school)

This week is Lisa's Birthday (September 10th!) and we plan to party! Dinner out with the folks and the sibs who can make it. This week should be fairly calm otherwise. This weekend we are heading out to Colorado to take a look at Colorado Springs and see what we think of the city and of the job.

Thank you for your continued support in that area and we would appreciate your continued prayers as we see if that is what God wants us to be doing.


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  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    If someone has a spine, is not a heel, drinks Tang, bolsters your confidence, is riveting to talk to, and doesn’t mind being the butt of a joke while making a point to tip the scales in his favor, does that mean they are living on the edge? Or are they just a knife person to know?


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