Friday, October 17

From the Road... Part 2

There is quite the range of hotels in the world. Many of them at the same price. For instance the place we staid at last night had 2 queen beds, a sitting room with a couch, a coffee table, a comfy chair, a desk, and a table with the TV on it, and a rather lavish bathroom to go with all that. Tonight we are in Midvale, UT. (South of Salt Lake City, UT) and we have 2 queen beds a small desk, and then everything looks and feels like it was probably left over from the 70's... including the old "we're trying to cover up the smell of cigarette smoke" odor. Roughly the same price.

We get a "free" breakfast here tomorrow, then we'll see how they really stack up. I can take cheap sleeping arrangements with the promise of free food if the food is actually worth it. (I'm already assuming it's not, but a guys got to have hopes and dreams)

Today as we drove south from Boise to Salt Lake City. We made one stop and that was at the Golden Spike in Promitory, UT. It was cool. I got to see the trains. I left happy. The pictures here included are of me in front of the "Golden Spike Monument" and Lisa in front of the 'ole 119. It was kind of fun seeing something historical that I have an interest in. (Trains) But generally that is the way of history.

Salt Lake City isn't somewhere I would care to live. I've had just about enough of it and I've only been here 6 hours now. Maybe it takes some "getting used to" but I don't know if I would give it that chance. Lisa and I went out to a pub type place for dinner and had an enjoyable evening. And I was right. No way to top the great meat we had last night in Idaho. Following our dinner we walked around the town a bit and ended up going into what seemed like the Salt Lake City version of the science center. (Only it was focused 100% on space) They called it a Planetarium, but I think perhaps that was a liberal use of the word. They had some very cool exhibits and a very interesting display of actual meteorites. They had a lot of video from space history as well. The only thing we skipped was the gift store. (They had a HUGE section of telescopes and it looked like a "used Telescope" lot.) Lisa and I took the time to get our pictures taken on our favorite celestial bodies. (Lisa, the moon and Ben, on Mars... You can make your own jokes here.)

Tomorrow we are going to attempt to hit some National Parks. Niko has been surviving just fine. He sleeps WELL at night because he is use to sleeping during the day and he's been staying up all day as we bounce and jolt our way across the country. Our health is improving as we climb in elevation here. I'm tired after a long day of driving, but we both want to see the places we are staying. (Because, honestly, the "hotel" ain't much.)

We appreciate the prayers as we continue our trek south and east! We'll try to get some pictures for tomorrow as well!



  1. Yay! Thanks for pictures!! Hopefully the breakfast won't be leftover from from the 70's too! (Instant Breakfast and Space Food Sticks for all of you over who are over 45!)

    And yay for National Parks. Parks are truly wonderful things, even if they are mostly full of rocks.

  2. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Amy White tried to leave the following comment, but it didn't work so she emailed it to me. Thought it was worth sharing.

    i tired to leave this comment on your blog. after entering it, i was expecting it to say something like "waiting for approval for author to approve comment" or something like that. it didn't say anything. so i wanted to besure you got this comment. b/c i spent time dreaming up a dumb story to hopefully entertain you while on your road trip. :-)
    here it is, in case you didn't get it from blogger:

    Ben: "Hey uh, Lisa I think you were supposed to wear the hoodie sweatshirt on the Moon...I am just fryin' here on Mars in this hoodie. Do you know where we put the sunscreen in the Fit?"

    Lisa: "I don't have the sunscreen anymore Ben! I forgot to tell you that Nikko got into it when were in Idaho."

    Ben: "What do you mean he got into it?"

    Lisa: "It must of flew out of the glove box. Somehow it got into his cage when we had the cover over it in the car last night."

    Ben: "Is there any left?"

    Lisa: "Nope, I threw out the bottle."

    Ben: "Ok. Well, I guess I'll just leave the hoodie on and hopefully I won't get too burnt."

    Lisa: "Here! Catch! Wear my blue knitted sweater on top of the hoodie! It's really not that cold on the Moon.

    Ben: "How long do you think it will take before the hoodie flys from the Moon to Mars?"

    Lisa: "I don't know! Google it! I can't seem to get any internet connection here on the moon."

    Ben: "Ah yes, I've found it here on google....oh no, my cell phone is cutting out! Lisa! Lisa! Are you there????? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me NOW? Can you hear me now?"

    Ben and Lisa were unable to communicate due to the poor signal strenth on their cell phones. Fortunately, Niko saved the day, or should i say "saved the blue knitted sweater" by flying it to Ben.

    And THAT my friends is my interpretation of the photos of Ben & Lisa walking on the Moon and Mars.

    peace...on EARTH

  3. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Pretty funny story... however there is one flaw: I don't think Lisa would have thrown out the bottle of sunscreen if there was a chance there was any left.


  4. VERY funny, Amy! You have your Mom's wit!


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