Saturday, October 18

Rust-colored Arches

Today was a long day of driving... that could be because we were driving through a lot of mountains and the speed limit jumped from 35 to 75 as we went. Which of course meant more time in the car. (Unlike the past few days where we have been cruising along at 70-80mph and getting places relatively quickly.)

This morning we got up and experienced another "free" breakfast. I didn't bother to partake in the "free-ness" much beyond a banana and quarter of a muffin (consumed later, whilest driving) but Lisa made herself a waffle and covered it with butter and "Swiss-Miss" hot chocolate mix. Create? You bet. Tasty morning food? Perhaps not. (She can weigh in on that one herself...)

We went to Arches National Park this afternoon and spent a couple of hours driving around and marveling at very large sandstone rocks. We went on a few "mini-hikes" and quickly determined that altitude + sun = Ben and Lisa are wimps. We're dragging ourselves a long and it seemed like everyone else was running past us. We saw one of the places where the opening scene in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" was filmed and we hung out under the "double arches" for a bit. (See pictures)

Nothing like a National Park for reminding you of how cool God's creation is.

We took the "back way" back to the freeway from "Arches" and it was a great drive alongside the Colorado river. Slow, and very winding, but it was also very scenic. We got into Grand Junction, CO about 6:30pm. We did some research on the internet and decided to walk across the street to a place called WW Pepper for dinner. It was however a 35-40 minute wait so we hopped in the car and headed west to try and find something. We ended up in downtown Grand Junction at a place called The Winery. (dare I say, "FIRST!") Good food and my thoughts can be found at that link.

Well, here we are now, in Colorado, our new home state. Tomorrow we make the drive from here to Colorado Springs and stay the night with the same generous folks who we staid with last time. (For 1 night) Then Monday we get into our apartment. It all seems to be happening so fast.

Thanks for the prayer support as we make this move! Tomorrow is our last day of traveling and I look forward to trying to settle in a bit and see what life here is going to be like.

*Picture comments: 1. Niko in Arches park, looking very contrasty to all the red. 2. A shot Lisa took looking up at one of the stone arches. 3. Me, standing in front of the "double arches". (No I'm not "trying" to look like a Blue Brother, it just kind of happened.) 4. Lisa reclining under the same arches as in my picture. (The same ones used in Indy)


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  1. I'm so glad you were able to go to Arches. And that scenic drive along the river is amazing. Made me want to go back someday to raft on it.
    Thanks for all the updates!


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