Sunday, October 5

Shower Pictures!

There have been times that I have mentioned how "drowned rat" Niko looks in the shower. This morning he took a shower and I remembered those of you who had asked to see him like this. Thus I pulled out the camera and have shot a couple of pics for you all to enjoy.

The question has been raised a time or two about what we'll be doing with Niko when we move, and the answer to that is that he is coming with us. If you enjoy hearing about the Little Green Bird (LGB) then you can probably expect more as we continue our adventures in Colorado.

I think perhaps the packing has been kind of tough on Niko. I've been told that birds (at least captive ones) don't really enjoy change and they can get cranky when so much as a couch is moved in the house. (Personally I think if you are letting the bird dictate how and where you put things in your house that you probably have bigger problems...) We let him run around the floor yesterday while we were packing things up and occasionally when we'd move something near him he would growl at us. I was explaining his growl to someone the other day and I came up with, "It sounds like a Parrot mimicking a human mimicking a dog growling." There is almost no way I am going to get that recorded but Niko will often make sounds he hears higher than the original sound. So if you can imagine yourself making a growling noise, only a little higher that would sound something like Niko growling. (Also Lisa's stomach just made a growling sound and Niko sounds a little like that as well... Only higher) Anyway, it's pretty funny when he growls at us as he is this little bird and he's often looking up at least 4 feet to us when he does it, and he's to timid that there isn't any fear he's going to come charging at us with his beak outstretched ready to take a bite out of the sides of our feet.



  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures -- I'm sure if Niko knew how silly he looked, he'd be growling at you for putting the pics up, too... :)

  2. It never fails to amaze me how much of his gray fluffy stuff you can see when he is wet. You just can't see it much when he's a dry birdy.


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