Sunday, November 2

Are Our

The subject marks the 4th time today I have written those two words (are our) in that order in less than an hour. The fact that those are popping up kind'a weirded me out so I thought I would make a point of pointing them out.

I have an observation about Colorado Springs: Lisa and I are tiny. I am noticing this about almost everywhere we go around here I feel small. In the class I went to think morning at church the shortest guy was my height, but probably twice as wide muscle wise. All the other guys were a good amount taller than me. There were a few women that were shorter than I was, but generally they were my height or taller. I don't feel like this was ever something I noticed in Seattle. I don't know... Dan, you would feel average here.

I wanted to shout, "Where do you keep your short(er) people!?" Maybe it's the atmosphere up here though... less oxygen, requires more body-mass to take in more? Maybe? No... didn't think so. Maybe there is some rule about how close you are to Texas.

Either way it appears that Lisa and I are going to get to do some growing up.



  1. Oh WOW! I found my vacation home! It's cold, lots of tall people, and they've got defense contractors up the wazzuu there. How could I not feel safe and secure? Oh and I heard theres some christian ministry there also...anyways not as important. :-)

    Praying for you while Lisa is gone. Spouses going to the other side of the world isn't fun. Call if you feel like it. You've got an hour on me.


    P.S. I now work Monday - Friday 4pm to 1am. YEAH!

  2. Maybe it has to do w/ more days of sun. Possibly they get more vitamin D so their bones are stronger and taller? Maybe you've found where all the sons of Anak went to when they left Canaan? Or it could be all that good Colorado beef I've heard about!

    You wouldn't be short in California, though. Lots of shorter cultures there. Drink it in while you're there in a couple of weeks!


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