Saturday, November 8


Wow... was my last blog update really on Wednesday? Well this past week flew by so I guess it's not any real surprise that I didn't end up blogging. I've had a lot of stuff to do at work and it's been a lot of fun. There is a lot of potential at OC and I think some of the changes are going to be a lot of fun to play around with.

It's also been a lot of fun to met new people and see what it is they are looking for when it comes to technology. I'm also spending some time getting to know the guy who is working for me. (That just seems weird to say that.)

I've been doing chore-stuff today. I think Lisa made some mention about going to the "Great Wall" today/yesterday. I haven't heard from her since I talked to her yesterday morning.

I'm debating what to do tonight. I've so far pretty much spent the day in doors, and while being "out of doors" is a very cold idea, I think that it's be nice to get out and do something... I just don't know hat that something is.

As for church tomorrow I'm not sure where I am going to end up going. A lot of indecision these next 24 hours... Well, I am going o do some more chores and hope it comes together.



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