Sunday, November 9

This is Half!

Story time: I had just gotten out of church and I attempted to run some errands but both places I was running errands at were closed on Sunday. (???) Alright, well, I was feeling like a hamburger so I pulled over and pulled out the trusty G1 (my phone) and searched Google for "best burger in Colorado Springs" I pulled up the site and found the place Conways Red Top. I decided that it sounded interesting so I started looking for where it was located. I saw there was one on the street that I was pulled over on and I was like I wonder if it's East or West from here. Then I looked across the street. It was South. I drove across the street and had lunch. Pretty crazy.

Anyway, the burgers here (a full one) is served on a 6 inch bun. Half (pictured) is half that. The nice thing about these burgers is that the patty is only about half as thick as my pinky. It's not like I sat down to eat half of something that has as much meat as half my fist in thickness. These are more "classic or Old fashioned" hamburgers, not he "gourmet" variety you see in a lot of places these days. For the folks back home it reminded me of a Dick's burger. (Only the meat was better)

Went to a different church today. Interesting... Preaching was great, worship was rocking, there seemed to be lots of people Lisa and I's age... I don't know. Didn't really get any kind of welcome though. And they didn't seem to have an Information booth where I could talk to someone about stuff they have going on. We'll see.


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