Sunday, November 30

News bits

I don't generally like to write posts about other articles mainly because that's not what this blog is about... however I couldn't help but find this article in Chicago Tribune kind of... well... funny.

You may read that article and say, "Wow, that's really great, a picture of abstinence, a role model for the community." I just didn't know it was news worthy. I mean if I had known it was such a big deal I would have invited all the local news agencies to MY wedding.

"Man and Wife's first kiss at alter! Full details at 11."

(If I can someday get the audio file from the wedding I'll post it here so you (and myself) can check it out when ever we feel like it... )

Anyway, I just found it funny is all. The article never said anything about then having never kissed anyone else before. They just hadn't kissed each other in 2 years of dating. Funny how "the way things should be" ends up in the newspaper as "abnormal".


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  1. Yeah, I heard that on the news the other day and thought, "Wow! Ben & Lisa could have been in the news!!" We're proud of you guys!!!!!


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