Saturday, November 22

That would be silly...

You know what would be silly? Going to a place to eat and realizing, after you ate dinner, that the gift card was for a completely different dinning establishment. That would be really silly... not like I would ever have done something like that... nooo... not once. (But maybe, twice?) That would be like, getting on the wrong ferry and not realizing it until you were on the other side. Heheh... yeah who would do a thing like that? (Ok, I did... twice.)

So Lisa and I enjoyed a leisurely dinner to a place we thought we had a gift card to only to realize that we in fact did NOT have a gift card for it... this was of course pointed out to us by our waiter. The first time this happened to me I made the discovery... this time I was quite confident that I knew where I was and what I was doing. Wrong again.

I think I am going to start referring to myself as the "Accidental Diner".



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