Wednesday, November 5

Traveler news

In what I can only call "Typical" of my wonderful wife, she has sent me pictures looking up. I hope she gets some pictures of people while she's there. The picture here to my right* (your left) is taken while Lisa was out exploring the "little village on top of the hill." With the time difference I am going to say she took this two mornings ago? I'd probably be doing fine if it wasn't for the international date line.

In her emails to me Lisa has mentioned the food in about 80% of them. Her claim was that the food kept getting better and better every day. In spite of the fact that she's eating a lot of vegetables she says she's not suffering from a lack of protein. One such thing she has talked about are the persimmon trees. (My left, your right*) She captured a picture of one in the village while she was walking.

I hope she knows that my envy of her getting to go to rural parts of Asia is pretty high. It's funny because in the spring I hope to go to France with Ryan (Lord willing) and if Lisa and I had to pick, she would have gone to France and I would have gone to China. Interesting twist there.

It was cold this morning, and it looks like Pike's Peak got some snow. The mountain really pops when it has some new snow on it. I look forward to seeing it this Winter. I would take a picture of it, but honestly nothing I have can capture that image as amazingly as it look. Soooo, you'll have to come visit us to see it.

Some prayer requests: Lisa's trip. Me being alone in CO at the moment,and both of our health.

*I'm on the other side of the blog, I have to learn how to point things out otherwise you might get confused.



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