Friday, November 14

What is God up to?

I realized the other day as I was sitting in a meeting with some of the Senior Directors that I am a complete "What's God Doing?" junky. I think I've lost track of how many times I've felt that shiver down my spine. I think I am currently placed in a position at a company that allows me to hear a lot of this stuff. Stories of divine appointments and things that would be on the level of "chance" and "luck" that I think it would be hard for anyone to hear that and not wonder if it was orchestrated in some way.

I have been thinking about starting a blog actually to put some of his stuff down. I don't know if I should make it a regular "feature" of this blog as people might be attracted to reading the "What's God doing stories" that really don't care too much about me. I'll think about it, see what I can dig up. God has given me a writing ability and an interest in such things. I'll keep you informed.

In other news I had a dream this morning about missing Lisa. It was pretty horrible. I think now that my subconscious has started to exert itself I can't really pretend like anymore, or keep myself busy so I don't notice. Soooooo, glad I am seeing her tomorrow. (She's probably in the air right now)

Woke up this morning to... wait for it, a very light dusting of snow, and lots and lots of wind. My guess is that it is cold cold cold out there. (There are kids out there right now saying, "It snowed!" And then an adult laughing rather crazily...)

Niko goes to the birdy baby sitter tonight and hopefully does well the next couple of days.

I could use prayers or a safe flight tomorrow morning. (and safe driving in the morning) Thanks for your prayers for Lisa and I while we have been apart. Now I should probably make plans to get off to work.



  1. I would imagine that you get even more "What's God up to?" stories than I do. They are SO encouraging, though!!! If you can write them down without endangering anyone's safety, I'd say go for it. You might want to check first, though, and make sure it's okay to pass a story on.

    We're all wondering about how the counter offer turned out. Any word yet?

  2. is available. :)


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