Tuesday, December 23

Christmas decor

We hadn't decorated our apartment at all for Christmas as we figured we wouldn't be around to enjoy it. Well, things turned out otherwise and so we decided to pull the Christmas stuff out of deep storage and spruce up the house a bit.

In this picture you are looking from our entryway towards our kitchen. (On the other side of the half wall there) The Christmas parrot s decorated and sitting on the left of the picture. Gifts for friends and family sit merrily around the festive 32" LCD HDTV. The stocking were hung by the half-wall with care, in hopes that no one would put anything else there.

We hope your time building up to Christmas is a good one! Lisa and I are hanging out a bit today, and tomorrow is church and possibly hanging out with some more friends. We've got two invites for Christmas day and we look forward to seeing what Christmas is like in our new situation. We appreciate all the prayers and support.


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