Monday, December 8


The other day I was at BN and there was a book on the end of an row that caught my eye and so after glancing at the back of the book I decided to go and buy it. I could barely put it down.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore is an amazing first novel. (Hopefully not a one hit wonder) If you happen to like well written fantasy then it's worth a shot! (After I plowed through it Lisa tore through it as well, and then I sent it on to Ian and Katie, which my guess is it was probably finished about 4 hours after it entered their house...)

I wrote to Kristin to tell her what I thought of the book, and the exchange was somewhat humorous so I'd thought I'd share it:

Dear Kristin:
I saw your book the other day on an end cap at a Barnes and Noble here in Colorado Springs. The title caught my eye and I read the back and decided it was worth a go. I have since read it, thoroughly enjoyed it and told many other people to go out and buy a copy and read it.

There is one criticism I have of your book however: I noticed as I was reading that the book ended. I would appreciate it if you could correct this in your next book.

And she just recently responded with:
Ben -- ha ha! Thanks for the laugh! (And I confess, you had me nervous for a minute there....)

Thanks for writing. Take care and keep warm!


I love being able to write to authors and tell them what I think. (I've exchanged a few emails with Robin Hobb as well) It kind of helps them to fall into the "human" category and not perch loftily upon a pedestal. (Tolkien...)


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  1. I'll let you know how long it takes us once we get the book.


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