Sunday, December 7

Up to speed

Friday night Lisa and I went to the OC Christmas party. We had a good time and Lisa got to meet some more of the people I work with. The theme of the eatery was German food. This is probably the first time I have had German food. I had the kind of "sample" plate which included all sorts of stuff. It was all interesting and better than I probably would have pegged it on being, but not sure I would want to find myself eating that every night.

Saturday Lisa and I went out in the morning with our Realtor and looked at some houses. We found one that has potential as a "top 5" contender. When Lisa gets a job we'll have to see what we can afford and go down our list again and decide about making an offer on one of these places. We look forward to having a place we can host things in again.

Speaking of hosting last night we made up a Thanksgiving dinner and had my fellow IT worker (Larry) and his wife over for dinner. (I guess technically he is my "employee", but that seems strange to say as he is my father's age.) Lisa and I had a good time making the food and we feel like we could tackle a full scale meal like that in the future if we had to cook for a group of holiday if we had to. (We made 5 dishes total) But aside from the food we had a good time connecting with other people and sharing some fellowship over a good meal.

This morning Lisa and I went back to Pulpit Rock Church (PRC), I think we are going to give it a try on a "long term" basis. (A couple months at least) We talked to one of the pastors about classes to join and what-not and kind of made mention that it didn't seem like there was too much available for people at our point in life (married, no kids) at the church and he highlighted some ideas he had for getting something like that started, and seemed to me like he was wanting to get us involved in helping him start that kind of thing. Ummm, alright. Whatever it takes to find some friends and get involved at church I guess! If people who have been going there for years won't do it then we might as well step up and do it. We'll be talking more about that with him in 2009. But interesting though, and potentially fairly neat that we can get plugged in so quickly.

After church today we decided to go to the local Zoo. It's not as big, or as impressive as the Seattle Zoo (we'll have to check out Denver's Zoo) but they let you a lot closer to some of the animals than they do at the Seattle Zoo. (I'm getting some pictures up on Facebook) From the entry way to the "top" of the zoo it climbs the elevation of a 10 story building. It was quite the workout and also an amazing view from almost anywhere in the zoo.

Following the Zoo we went and hung out in the Broadmoore area of Colorado Springs for a bit. We saw some HUGE houses and some over the top Christmas lights. We came home the long way and now we're taking a break for a bit now at home. It's been a wonderfully full weekend.

Lisa has started to get a few responses back from sending out her resume. (3 "sorry, not interested"s) If you could keep her in our prayers for finding a job. I know God has something for her out there, I'm just not sure what it is, and we need to wait on God's timing for that!

Also, the past few days cancer has really been on my mind. It's been weighing on me more heavily than I think it probably should. I could really use some prayer to help lift that and remember to seek God.

Reminder: 2 weeks from today Lisa and I will be back in Seattle. If you'd like to see us make your voices heard!



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