Tuesday, January 27

God provides

We made an offer on a condo this past weekend and we watched the price climb higher and higher as we tried to negotiate a price. We finally decided it was too high and we dropped out. We were doubtful that we would find a place anywhere near where we are currently at a price that we were interested in paying. Well, we were wrong. There is a place not too far from us that the bank owns that was going for a steal. We offered lower and got it. We need to do the typical "check this, check that, inspect, read this, etc" but if all goes well then we close on the 16th of Feb.

To illustrate the distance from where we are now to where we will be living I have made you all a map:

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It was in our backyard the whole time! Thanks for all the prayers and support. We got this place for a steal. Our Realtor is all excited because we have "instant equity". She was telling us if we had to turn around and sell it after we bought it we would make money. It's exciting to have the Realtor excited.

We'll have to do some fixing up on it, but it's only about 3 years old, so nothing major. We'll take "before" shots and then "after" shots so you can see how it looked and looks when we're done with it. Lisa is pretty excited as it is something to do for her during the day.

We'll keep you updated! (I've got a novel to edit...)



  1. Have you decided where Beak-O will reside at the new place? Smack-dab in the living room or in the loft? Or does he get a bedroom of his own?

    Nice sized rooms in your new place!! You guys probably won't be able to find each other in there after living in 700 square feet!

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    That is fantastic news! Congratulations! Will you be walking your stuff over or throwing them over the wall? Your closing date is Riva and Cara's birthday, another cool thing.



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