Friday, January 23


Tonight we met up with our real estate agent, signed a bunch of papers and made an offer on a condo. They have until 3pm tomorrow to make a counter offer, accept it (wooo!!) or reject it. We'll see what happens.

Also, Lisa continues to look for work. Keep her in your prayers. (She baby-sat last night and made a little money... but that's not really why she was doing it.)

I also tweaked my wrist moving luggage around on our trip to/from Seattle and I put a wrist brace on it today to keep it in place. I am hoping that some weekend rest will help it do better. Otherwise I should probably go to using my tablet instead of the mouse. (Could use prayers for that.)

It started snowing a bit today. Kind'a strange as it was 68 degrees on Wednesday. Funny place we live in here, but I enjoy it!



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