Wednesday, January 21

Update and... Missionary!?

I think in the 7 years of blogging here I've only had about 4 different "long term" designs. ("Holiday" remixes don't count)

I hope you like the new look. I think it's fun, a little more businessy and a little less emo. It also unveils a new aspect of this site.

Ladies and Gentlemen you are now reading the blog of a supported, and fund raising, missionary with OCI! Lisa and I are officially "ministry partners" with Crossroads Bible Church (they are supporting us) AND we are asking for your help and support! We're making a "general" appeal here and now with the new blog design, but we will also be starting to contact those of you we call friends and family to ask you personally to help us in our mission! (The new blog design had to come before the emails...)

You can read more by hitting the About and Support tabs up top! This just isn't a plea for financial support, but I am also trying to build a team of prayer partners I can go to with prayer requests and people I know are praying for us. (Like say, if a server crashes, or I need some extra wisdom in planning a software roll-out, or we're feeling especially "attacked" in regards to our job that day.) I want to know that you all will be there with Lisa and I through thick and thin here in Colorado Springs.

Please hit up the tabs up top or at the bottom and read up on what we're asking for and consider joining with us!



  1. LOVE the color scheme. Very easy on the eyes layout and patterns.

    Looks like the theme hasn't fully penetrated. Individual posts are all plain.

    Nice job!

  2. Hey what do you mean by ""long term" deigns."? Did you mean Design?? =P Anyways.

    You'll definitely be in my prayers. Both of you.

  3. I love it. Nice work...very clear. Although, the previous look felt more like "Ben" to me. I am sure in a few weeks, I will have forgotten that look and this one will now be etched in my brain as "Ben"


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