Wednesday, January 21

Tweet Nerd

This puts me in the nerdy category I think, but today I was twittering what I was doing at work (Microsoft Migration stuff from Lotus/Domino) and I have a guy who is a Sharepoint "professional" who follows me (he has some 200+ followers) and he RETWEETED what I posted. (That is like saying, "Hey, this is cool enough that I am going to tell all my people about it.") Which is a first for me on twitter. (as far as I am aware)

Anyway, made my morning, and I didn't want to say anything on twitter because I wanted to play it cool. Which is why I have a blog.

New blog design should be up before the end of the week. I really like it.


1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    You're such a cool nerd!



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