Tuesday, January 20

Things I like in The Springs

The entire time I was in Washington I was noticing all the things I love about it: the fog, the familiar places, and of course lots of wonderful people we actually know! However since Colorado is more or less our new home, I've been trying to notice all the things I appreciate here too!

1. Our bed.
The bed was a Christmas Wedding present from Ben's parents and as he says is like a "Cadillac" of the bed world. We always enjoy coming back to it! We also received a heated mattress pad for Christmas, so now the bed is both an amazingly warm and comfortable place.

2. The bird
Such a sweetheart. The couple we've paid to watch him while we travel says he is the "best bird" they get to watch (it's a side business for them), so it's not just us thinking he's so great :) Today he helped me by ripping up old mail.

3. Ben's co-workers
Just waiting in the parking lot for Ben yesterday, our new friend Joe stopped by to ask how things were going. We got invited to an intriguing Chinese New Year's party for next week (somewhat work-related, but hey, it's still a social event). We've received a warm welcome and I'm anticipating great friendships to develop.

4. Our car
My parents graciously lent us their car while we were in Bellevue, which enabled us to visit people and was a huge blessing! But it was good to be back in our Honda Fit.

5. Even... the sun
The rain in Seattle is very comforting and familiar to me, but the sunshine here makes me smile. Am I allowed to love both?



  1. You are allowed to love both sun and rain!! I think you'll REALLY enjoy spring in the Springs! All those little stick bushes and stick trees will turn into green things. And, I'd guess flowers grow in COS too! I'm sure it will be lovely.

    And, just so none of Ben's siblings feel they were slighted for Christmas, the bed was a wedding present. Good beds are wonderful things!

  2. We feel the same way about our new home in Madison. After a wonderful time with family in San Diego, it felt really good to be back in our home in Madison. Despite the cold, deep down, I missed (and love) Madison. (And the sun!)

  3. Hmmm Rain is wonderful to dance in. It makes me happy too. It's comforting. It's been so foggy here for the past week. It's amazing. :)


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