Sunday, February 1

25 Things... the cycle ends here

There has been a rather big craze going around Facebook as of late where you are supposed to write down 25 things about yourself that people might not know about you. And then tag 25 people you want to hear from. I said that not unless 5 people tagged me would I bother to spend my time on such a thing. Well, I was tagged by 6 people and as I have a bigger readership here than on Facebook (and my blog publishes to Facebook) I thought I might as well save myself some time and do a blog entry and a silly Facebook "getting to know you" thing as well. I however will stop the vicious cycle of tagging and re-tagging by not tagging anyone. Thus, without further ado: 25 things you aren't likely to know about me.
  1. I have a very hard time singing songs (Hymns, Praise Songs, etc) about God's faithfulness because I have a tendency to get very choked up and start crying.

  2. My first kiss was up at the alter with my new wife.

  3. In my life I have purchased 4 cars. 2 used and 2 new. (3 in the last 3 years...)

  4. In high school I heard a speaker once say that, "Integrity is allowing anyone to ask you any question and you being able to respond honestly." I've sought to live my life that way ever since.

  5. I like designing websites, but I rapidly get frustrated when I don't know how to do something, and give up.

  6. I have a degree in Computer Networking with a minor in Classics. (Latin, Ancient History, etc)

  7. I think it would be cool to have a wildly different hair color for a while if I could pull it off. (White, Blue, Forest Green)

  8. I took a class in Classical Sanskrit.

  9. I am a missionary.

  10. I really dislike getting my hands dirty... I guess this goes for my face as well.

  11. I work on my computer all day, and then come home and continue to work on my computer for fun.

  12. If I was single and had surplus cash to burn I would probably buy expensive swords.

  13. God has gifted me with a wonderful wife.

  14. I really dislike flying. The more I do it the more I don't want to do it.

  15. I was in a select Drama group in High School.

  16. I have been to Russia, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Denmark, Hungry and Canada. All of them foreign in their own ways.

  17. My favorite verse, and the one that helped me through cancer is/was Psalm 40.

  18. I worked at Barnes and Noble for 3 years.

  19. I've wanted to do something like the job I am doing now since I was in high school.

  20. I would love to learn a martial art involving swords.

  21. I was my high school's mascot (a knight) for a football season. (I rode on the bus with all the cheerleaders... however a few of them were also in drama with me so it wasn't a big deal.)

  22. One book that I have learned a lot from in the past 5 years (maybe the 3rd most informative thing I've read in these past years) is "How to Write Funny".

  23. My parrot IS real

  24. I have survived cancer this far, and Lord willing will continue to do so. However I have learned that being afraid of what the future might hold is counter productive and I need to be focused on what God has me doing now.

  25. My interest in food and cooking has increased a lot since I was sick. I love to cook for others and eat at new places.

So there it is. 25 things you might not have known. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments.



  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    you have been to a lot of different countries for someone that does not like to fly.

    Bill Burke

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Yes, and I am going to France at the end of March and travel is something that I am encouraged to do with my current job. (Maybe Malta and Cyprus next year? There is a pretty big presence in Brazil as well that would make a visit worthwhile... as well as in England.) So yes, travel seems to be in my future and I love being in a new place... I just don't like planes. If I could get away with train and ship I TOTALLY would. (Plus I like the slower pace)


  3. I honestly did not know about the first fact. I feel like I've gotten to know you better just by that. Thanks Ben. Sorry I'm being such a stranger lately.

  4. Number 10 makes me smile. Some things never change. You could go out in the greenbelt in white pants and come back with your pants still white. Then there was your brother...

    I love number 1. Wonderful!

  5. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Hmmm . . . I'm a classics minor, too. But you'll have to leave another fact - we all know that God gifted you with a wonderful wife. :o)


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