Saturday, January 31

Another bird story...

Those of you that don't like hearing stories about the parrot can tune out now. The rest of you: Today Niko has been eating a lot. (Some days he's a pig with little green wings) We gave him some food this morning, he eyed our food all during lunch (so we gave him some) and then as I was cleaning up the dishes from lunch Lisa put Niko down on the counter and he waddled over to where I was cleaning dishes in the sink. We normally give him Pomegranate in the sink (it's just less cleanup) and he came over and stood on the edge of the sink looking over the edge. He watched me finish up cleaning and then I walked away from the sink. He watched me go and then started making little cooing sounds and looking at Lisa.

He's been there for about 5 minutes now making little sounds. I translate them to, "Ummm, excuse me. There is a bird here who needs something red to chew on!"It's pretty funny when you get used to the bird to see how he begs. More sophisticated than a dog sometimes, and at others much worse.


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  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    it seems the parrot you have has been house trained very well or is use to be around people. good to hear about the condo.


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