Saturday, February 21

Back and Fourth

I'm sorry for the lack of content these past few days. Between work and moving back and fourth between 2 places to live/ take care of and the townhome we are having work done on it's not leaving a whole lot of time to sit down and write. But here it is, now Saturday morning and I've tired the dogs out, the cat isn't bugging me for food, and Lisa is out running errands, so this leaves me with a little bit of time to do some catch-up blogging.

In looking back I think Lisa and I have learned a lot from house sitting and baby sitting two dogs and "two" cats, as well as having a house to look after. Some things we have learned:
  1. We are not cat people. We like it when something shows a bit of interest in you other than the one time a day you get the food out.

  2. Are much as we like the idea of "dogs" I don't know that I have the time, desire, or patience to train a puppy. Getting a dog would more than likely require us to go to training classes. So we should probably start saving for that now...

  3. We are bird people.

  4. Houses: We're now pretty glad we didn't get one. Internal housework is a necessity, but the thought of spending the weekend working on the outside of the house has very little appeal to both of us. And having the outside look bad doesn't appeal either.

(Aside: I like animals, I just like it when they are well behaved. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me to put up with an animal that mis-behaves.)

I find it funny the situations in which you learn something. A casual "yeah we can do that" turned into teaching Lisa and I a lot about ourselves. Things we thought we wanted (or for some reason thought we needed for a "happy life") have been proven otherwise. God has blessed us with a really great place to live at a very affordable price, and I think it fulfilled more requirements than we had ever even considered. God provides.

I'm not looking forward to Monday morning. Lisa and I are meeting with my new Oncologist. The "funny" thing about it is that the new guy has very similar credentials to my previous oncologist, Dr. Ginsberg. While I am not going to get any kind of answers this time around I will probably get a CT scan scheduled. It's just having to rehash everything from the past that got me to this place in detailed medical terms. I could really use some prayer on Monday morning... 10:30MST.



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