Tuesday, February 17

A day off

Yesterday was an OC holiday and Lisa also had the day off so after letting in the flooring guys, the painter and making waffles we headed up to Denver for the rest of the day.

We hung out at the Natural History Museum (which today is hosting the president and vice president) for a good part of the day. It seems that a ton of other people had the same idea. (The Denver Zoo is pretty close to there as well, which also had tons of people at it.) Parking was the craziest we have seen since we moved down here from Seattle. (Reminded us of home a little bit.)

In the evening we went out to dinner at a local greasy spoon (BTW: You can follow our "dinning out" experiences at Yelp.com, or to follow me specifically: http://bmorrell.yelp.com.) and then we went to the Tattered Page (or was it cover?) Bookstore to hang out for a bit and see a favorite author of mine Dan Simmons. His newest book is some 800 pages and about Charles Dickens, entitled, "Drood". We'll see how it plays out.

Then we booked it back home, fed the bird, went to the place we're house sitting, and tried to go to bed. The Cat proceeded to meow her way through the night. I didn't mind cats before, I am getting to a point now where I seriously dislike them. The cat seems to like me though... hisses at Lisa. It's probably the cat law of "If you hate me I'll love you." It seems to be working.



  1. Ah, sorry -- bounced it incorrectly, so you just caught a short guitar loop. Deleted and re-uploaded: Come Down From Where You Ought, take 2. (There will probably be others.)

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM

    The next time you are at the museum, look for the tiny little trolls that are in some of the exhibits. Unless they took them out, they used to have them hiding in some of them. It is fun to look for them as you look at the exhibit because you see the exhibit detail. I remember doing this as a child and my best friend and I would play a game to see who could find the most. Just an idea...Bill

  3. Trolls?! I don't think I saw any of those, but we did see some pretty strange looking animals (aardwolf anyone?) Cra-azy. Huh, Google doesn't return any hits on trolls at the Denver museum either... are they secret?


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