Sunday, February 22

Shopping while hungry

The common wisdom to grocery shopping is that you should make every effort to go after you have eaten. I threw caution to the wind with this "common wisdom" and decided to go to the store after church BECAUSE I would most likely find things I wanted to eat for the next week and a half. This also because I felt like we had almost nothing to eat in the house that wouldn't/ didn't take at least a half-hour of prep. So we shopped hungry, and got a bunch of food, but it's exciting because when we got home we ate leftovers, cleaned out the fridge and then started some food prep for the week.

My "find" for the week at the store was when I walked past the avocados and a big sign said, "10 for $10!!" (in yellow). I couldn't resist, but I am almost more leery of avocados than I am of oranges (oranges seem to be a HUGE hit and miss), and so I leaned over and gently squeezed one of the green fruits. The thing almost felt like liquid. I excitedly felt another one and it was a touch more firm, but it too was very squishy. Excited by my find I grabbed a grocery bag and asked Lisa if we could get some. I slipped two very squishy avocados into the bag. When we got home a happily pulled them out and started in on making guacamole. The avocados were like butter. Very, very nice! This will come in handy as we were planning some burritos later this week... and errr any chips that might happen to come by.

Dog/ Cat/ House sitting wraps mid-week. I think we'll both be happy to just have the two locations (Apartment and Townhome) to live in. (And Niko will be happy to see us home more often.) The floor is being redone in the townhome this week and we are expecting some additional furniture we ordered to arrive next week.

Tomorrow I am meeting with my new oncologist. No scans or anything tomorrow, but it'll still be un-nerving to cover all that stuff again. I could really use prayer for that.

Thanks for the continued support!



  1. Do you know to leave the pit in the made guacamole? That helps it not to turn brown and yucky. Lime juice helps too, but the pit works best.

    Avacados don't give you a migraine? I thought I'd heard that somewhere...

    I love guacamole. The only thing about me that is truly SoCal....okay, maybe the bare feet too...

  2. So you guys preprare all your food ahead of time? How well does that work for you? I really should start doing something like that. I'm sick of spending over 50% of my paycheck on food. (eating out)

  3. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Not really prepare all of the food ahead of time, we do a lot prep. Which includes chopping, slicing, marinading, etc. The key is to decide what you want to make a week ahead of time and then look at what needs to be done with it. (Do you need something chopped, then chop it up and put it in a plastic bag, then when you need it dump it into the recipe and you're good to go.) Granted Lisa and I can spend up to 4 hours prepping food on Sunday, but we also like to cook more complex things.

    You can cook some fairly easy things with little prep.



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