Monday, February 23

Follow up 2009 part a

I was pleasantly surprised once Lisa and I finally met the doctor (maybe 30 minutes late?) this morning. He was young, funny, personable, and had seen this type of cancer before. AND he didn't doom and gloom me. ("Wow... you should be dead now!" or "Geeze, we'll need scans every 3 months to keep an eye on that sucker!") He thought that considering the amount of "stuff" I had been through that I was looking really good. I guess the kind of recovery from that regime can take a while and have some very permanent side effects. All I can say to that is praise GOD for the blessings of my health. When it's just me I never really know how I am doing because of the way I am feeling, etc. The doctor helps a bit with a comparison of other people (which I typically don't like) but gave me hope in this instance.

I'm going to have a CT scan sometime this week (wow, you mean I don't have to book 3-6 weeks in advance!?) and then I'll get those results, but the doc thinks I am looking pretty good, so he's positive.

He's also had some experience with this kind of cancer before and knows some other people that have as well, and says he would have done the exact same "stuff" to me as Group Health did so that is good to know as well.

Now I gotta get back to work. Thanks for the prayers and support. I'll keep you informed about the scan.


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  1. God is kind, even when we're not aware of HOW kind He is being toward us!


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