Wednesday, February 4


Sunday Lisa and I went to an "UnSuperbowl party" where there was no talk of field goals, downs, yards to go, favorite teams, or balls. Dare I say we didn't even discuss commercials!? Lisa and I made "PHD Nachos" (Piled Higher and Deeper) which consisted of almost anything we could think to put on them. (Chips, Cheese, beans, meat, tomatoes, olives, corn, etc etc) They were quite tasty.

We ended up playing a few games instead. Lisa and I, as missionaries now, like to say that we're making contact with the natives here in COS. Not sure we'll be planting any churches here (you can't go a block without seeing one of those) but we're trying to get involved at the church we are going to.

On Sunday we sat in on a meeting on how to be "Table Leaders" for something new the church is trying. They are having discussion groups after the sermon with different demographics to see if something deeper doesn't come out of them. Looking for some way to get involved and meet people Lisa and I signed up to help. We'll see what happens. (Come on young married couples without children!)

I've bugged Lisa about writing a post about her new job so I would stay tuned if I were you.

Townhouse updates, for those following (the rest of you can go now) we got quotes on getting the place painted and the downstairs re-floored. (from vinyl and carpet to hardwood) The quotes came in a lot lower than Lisa and I thought they would, so we are very thankful to God for that! We are expected to close on the 12th, painters will be in the week following, and then the flooring guys will be in there the week after that. Then carpet cleaners, and window coverings, and we'll start moving in!

Thanks for the prayers. Oh, I am meeting with a new oncologist on the 23rd of this month. I'm not looking forward to it, but there it is. I could use some prayer for that. Thanks!



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