Friday, March 27

Bleh travel

Today, despite the blizzard like conditions in COS I made it to Seattle. It went something like this:

The day started at 6am to check my flight to see if it had been cancled. It hadn't been so Lisa and I looked outside and decided the driving looked too dangerous for us to tackle. So I phoned up a co-worker who had the 4 wheel drive and had volunteered to take me.

I got to the airport at about 8:15am and checked in anf went through security and got to my gate. 8:35am. Plane was due to board in 45 minutes. 9:30 rolls around. No plane. I called United (as there wasn't any staff around and find that the plane is due to land around 10am. Plane shows up at 10:05am, passengers unload, they load us up. 10:45am. We sit in plane for a while, 20 minutes in the air, sit on the ground. While, disembark about 11:30am. Wait for large carry on items to be unloaded. 11:40am. Plane for Seattle scheduled to leave 11:45am. I am at gat b88... I need to be at gate b32. I ran.

I made it to gate b32 to find the plane to Seattle from gate b32 had already departed. I paniced a little, then saw gate b30 was also to Seattle and hadn't left yet. It was my flight. I was the last one on and my calves burned for the 50+ gate run. I then proceeded to wait an hour sitting there on the plane while they did little things here and there.

It was a fairly uneventful flight, and I landed safely in Seattle.

For those not in the know I am here in seattle not even 24 hours as I head to France for a week.

Now... to bed.



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